NAUI Automatic Renewal Information

NAUI Membership Automatic Renewal Program Details

What is it?
With NAUI’s new “Automatic Renewal” feature, your membership will renew automatically. Starting next year, you won’t have to worry about remembering to renew! Every November, NAUI will charge your credit card for annual membership dues based on your membership level at the time of renewal. Your new membership card will then arrive in the mail. You won’t have to worry about a thing, all your member benefits will continue without interruption!

How do I sign up?
To sign up for this service, check the “Automatic Renewal” box and fill out your credit card information on the renewal form being submitted for processing (if online select the renewal option that says “w/auto renewal”). It’s that simple! Each November, NAUI will renew your membership using that credit card information. Be sure to contact us if your credit card information or expiration date changes.

How does it work?
Membership renewal is based, in part, upon continuing to meet membership requirements and payment of dues. By participating in NAUI’s Automatic Renewal Program, you are accepting the terms of the NAUI Membership Agreement. If at any point the agreement is revised, you will be asked to reauthorize your participation. (Please refer to 2018 Membership Renewal Form for current membership agreement.)

Your membership will automatically renew each November. If at any point the membership dues increase, you will be notified and given the opportunity to opt-out of the program. The credit card information you provide will be used annually. For complete program details visit

What if I am a Lifetime Member?
This service is also available to lifetime members. In order to enable automatic renewal of your membership online, you will need to enter a valid credit card number for processing – your card will not be charged. If you do not wish to enter this information or use the online option, you can use the current renewal form (available to download, in Sources magazine, or by request from NAUI Headquarters). Be sure to check the “Automatic Renewal” box.

Can I cancel my Automatic Renewal?
If at any time you wish to terminate your automatic renewal participation, you must submit a written request to NAUI to be received no later than October 15 via or 9030 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, FL 33578 USA.

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