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Where my Green Activities are?

Why I Am A NAUI Green Diver

I love diving and the world's marine ecosystems so much that all twenty of my digits are starting to web together.

My Bio

Professional diver in multiple disciplines:
Recreational Diving - Instructor, tour leader, Boy Scout SCUBA counselor, Skin Diving Leader

Public Safety & SAR Diving - Instructor, SAR Team Leader, EPA Research & HAZMAT diver, Assistant Diving Med Tech

Commercial Diving - Construction & Salvage diver

Military Diving - Mobile Diving Salvage Unit diver, Joint Special Operations Combat Diver,
13 years with east coast US NAVY SEAL Team, US Army Special Forces and US Air Force Special Tactics dive teams in the Caribbean theater of operations. It was really tough duty, but someone had to do it!

One of my first love's is systems ecology and I presently am a professor of environmental science, biology, geology & aquatic sports. Sand dunes, salt marshes, mangroves and coral reefs are some of my favorite haunts!

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