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Jerry Boggess 

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Where my Green Activities are?

Why I Am A NAUI Green Diver

I'm a Father and Grandfather, I want my children and their children to have and see cleaners waters. We are stewards of this big blue marble and if we (I) don't clean it, who will? There are hundreds of thousands of divers worldwide, if each diver removed just one piece of trash each dive the results would be earth/ocean changing!

My Bio

Avid diver since Scuba and Advance classes in '99, Enriched Air/Nitrox in '00, Rescue in '01, Master in '02 and Dive Master in '08. I've lived near fresh water or salt water all of my life. All is right in the world when I'm blowing bubbles! I've been blessed to have been able to dive many locations across the Gulf Of Mexico and throughout the Caribbean Ocean in the few years that I've been diving.

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