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Chad Barbay 

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Where my Green Activities are?

Why I Am A NAUI Green Diver

I have been actively diving for 30 years and actively teaching for 26 years. My past diving experience was diviing the oil production platforms off the Louisiana coast along with Caribbean Islands such as Bonaire,Cayman, Cozumel,and the Bahamas. My very first dive was a try scuba course off of Oahu. We all need to take part in helping preserve our oceans for future generations to come. This is what my dad taught me.

My Bio

Became a NAUI Scuba Diver in 1980 with Seven Seas in Baton Rouge Louisiana.. Completed my NAUI Instructor Training Course in 1984. Taught actively in Louisiana until moving to Orlando Florida in 1986. Went to work for NAUI as the South East representative in 1989 through Dec 31st 2013 where I resigned and am now working full time in the dive industry on the equipment side with Huish Outdoors.

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