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Kuwaiti Diving Team Lifts Wreckage

By Youssef Al-Tattan (with photos)

KUWAIT, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti diving team started here Saturday lifting wreckage of 40 ships off the northern shore of Ushairij in Doha area with the help of the cleanup team of the Cabinet, Coast Guard Directorate and Kuwait's Municipality.

Head of the diving team Walid Al-Fadhel told KUNA that the project aims at lifting the wreckage of 40 sunken wooden ships "which inflict an environmental damage to the coast and a marine pollution, besides the risks posed to navigation at Kuwait's bay in view of the dispersal of wooden pieces and remnants of ships in Kuwaiti northern waters." Al-Fadhel added that the cleanup team provided necessary machines that will carry out the mission with special drills for recovering relics, in addition to cooperation with the Municipality for mopping up the site from all equipment of the project and the Coast Guard Department, which ensured the marine security of the operation.

He also made clear that it is expected for the project to last about 14 days, noting that the working team will lift about 70 tons by the end of the day of the total wreckage estimated at 440 tons.

Further, he said that the diving team will organize, following these lifting operations, voluntary campaigns including schools' students and those of special needs in order to pick up wastes from the beach, asserting that, "this will energize the spirit of patriotism and voluntary work with the aim of protecting and cleaning up the environment." He also stressed that this project is the "biggest" to be carried out by the team since its formation in 1986 and, "it expresses the profound harmony among the governmental and voluntary bodies for developing Kuwait and protecting its environment." He also made clear that there are many risks obstructing the team's work, including heavy weight of woods, the silt seabed, the multiplicity of ships and wreckage, "though the resolve of youth and the national will go beyond such obstacles." Finally, Al-Fadhel called on citizens not to come near of the working site due to hazards posed by the machines and the recovering operations. (end) yt.isa.aff KUNA 181805 Dec 10NNNN

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