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#GivingTuesday - Support your NAUI Green Diver Initiative!



As a NAUI diver, you understand the value and importance of earth's most valuable resource. You have experienced first-hand the world and beauty beneath our waters. Whether diving in the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific, the chilly waters of the Great Lakes, or inland murky waterways and quarries, you have also witnessed the detrimental factors impacting our underwater environment during every dive.
The NAUI Green Diver Initiative focuses on helping provide resources for you, our worldwide NAUI members, by supporting…

  • Ocean debris and beach cleanup events
  • Coral reef preservation and restoration projects
  • Marine life preservation programs
  • Native plant preservation programs
  • Environmental research grants

The preservation and protection of the resource that not only sustains and provides life, but also our recreational enjoyment, is a personal and professional responsibility we all share.
Please join donors from around the world on this #GivingTuesday – a global day of giving back to your favorite non-profit organizations.
Your support is appreciated and valued.
Click here to make a donation to your NAUI Green Diver Initiative today!
Donor support has already made an impact this year, allowing GDI to grant funding for the Goliath Grouper Study – researching the potential effects of reopening the Goliath Grouper fisheries on the diving industry in South Florida.

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