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NAUI Green Diver Sponsors Florida Native Plant Month


We are excited to announce that NAUI Green Diver Initiative is a proud sponsor of the first annual Florida Native Plant Society’s “Florida Native Plant Month” awareness campaign.

So, what do plants have to do with diving? Native plants are necessary for a healthy, sustainable environment that supports people and wildlife. Native plants and their roots help filter out toxins from entering our waterways.  The  clear waters NAUI divers enjoy rely on a well balanced and healthy ecosystem, including native plants.

In Florida, invasive plants are overtaking native species, which poses a real threat to our waterways. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission…

"It is estimated that more than 1.7 million acres of Florida's remaining natural areas have become infested with non-native plant species. Hydrilla, Florida's most widespread invasive exotic aquatic plant, covered 45,406 acres of public waterbodies in 2007 in 199 public water bodies.  At least 45% of the invasive non-native plant species found in Florida were imported for ornamental or agricultural reasons, and 39% of the worst invasive plant species are still commercially available for sale and continue to spread.”

We are proud to join the Florida Native Plant Society in this state-wide awareness campaign. There will be numerous public events across multiple counties in the state during the month of October.

Visit the Florida Native Plant Month site to learn more!

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