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A Message from the NAUI Board of Directors:
NAUI Dues Increase in 2016


The following is a message from David Ochs, Chairman of the NAUI Board of Directors.


Dear Member,


NAUI is a membership Association and its primary source of income is our membership dues. The NAUI Board of Directors works diligently to keep membership dues as low as possible and provide the greatest return on investment to the membership. Currently Instructor members pay $145 per year for membership dues, one of the lowest rates in the industry, but after 12 years with no increase, the NAUI Board of Directors determined a dues increase is appropriate and necessary. Dues in 2016 for Instructor members will increase $30 to $175 per year; and $20 for all other membership categories including Leadership and Emeritus members. This increase will only affect 2016 dues and does not affect the current rate for members joining or renewing for 2015.


Before approving this increase, the Board conducted a thorough review of the budget and future initiatives. The Board also sought input and recommendations from the NAUI Membership Committee. NAUI is financially strong, but inflation has eroded our ability to pursue strategic goals. Dues were last increased in 2004 to $145, which when adjusted for 12 years of inflation equates to $177 in 2015, so the current increase brings membership contribution back in line with a rate comparable to what we paid in 2004.


Your dues help maintain and promote our Association. This increase will allow the Board of Directors to support and maintain a growing worldwide presence, launch new products and services, more aggressively promote NAUI, improve NAUI’s participation in industry events, and increase opportunities for conservation and preservation of the marine environment through the NAUI Green Diver Initiative.


Your increased contribution will help support NAUI's mission and our ability to provide quality services to you, our valued member. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you for your loyalty and support of our Association. 


David Ochs, Chairman

NAUI Board of Directors


A Special Notice to Members on Auto-Renewal


Due to the dues increase and in accordance with the auto-renewal agreement, all participants currently enrolled in auto-renewal will be asked to reconfirm their consent to continue. All current auto-renewal members will be notified by email in October with directions to reconfirm your preference to continue in the auto-renewal process. No further action is required at this time, but please watch for the email with instructions on how to continue your enrollment for auto-renewal. Thank you.

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