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Dear Fellow NAUI Members,

I have been a NAUI Member for over 20 years and have served on the NAUI BoD for the past 7. I have never been more optimistic about NAUI’s future than I am right now. Our association is in a new era with leadership focused on reestablishing NAUI’s foundation of quality and reasserting itself as a respected industry leader.

In January the BoD appointed new leadership at HQ and to the NSG BoD. NAUI and NSG leadership have continued to work together to develop a sound strategy for moving NAUI forward.

The NAUI BoD has approved a number of initiatives in 2015, and in coordination with HQ prioritized and began carrying out these initiatives to strengthen our Association.  Below is a summary of the major actions the BoD has taken.

First, the NAUI Bylaws revisions were finalized and submitted to the membership for review and vote this fall during NAUI’s annual election.   The Bylaws Review committee worked with a California attorney specializing in Not-for-Profit organizations to ensure our bylaws were up-to-date and in full compliance with California code. The proposed bylaws more clearly define the rights of members and allow our Association to conduct its affairs more effectively. In addition, a separate proposition will be included on the fall ballot on the question of extending the right to vote to all leadership members of the Association.  I encourage all members to become informed and vote in the 2015 election.

Second, the NSG Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation are being revised to improve the coordination of business activity between NAUI and NSG. This work is almost complete and a draft version of current revisions will be sent to a corporate attorney for legal review. The NAUI Board has been actively engaged with the NSG Board and is working closely with our service provider to improve NAUI products and services across the board. 

Third, the job description and executive search procedures for the NAUI Executive Director position (i.e. President of NAUI, and CEO of NSG) have been developed.   A job posting will be announced by June 1, 2015 with a submission deadline of August 15, 2015. An executive search team, independent of the current NAUI and NSG boards is being established, and this autonomous team will be responsible for the search, review and recommendation of qualified job applicants to NAUI leadership. The two boards will then review the recommended applicants and hire the Executive Director. Additional information regarding the call of applicants and submission process will be sent shortly from NAUI headquarters.

Fourth, in April a 4-day technology and marketing summit was held at HQ in Tampa, Florida, which included representatives from NSG and the NAUI BoD. The purpose of these meetings was to assess our needs in these respective areas and consider alternatives for further study and development. Numerous topics were discussed including the NAUI website, eLearning, eCommerce and other areas of interest to NAUI members. The NAUI BoD is working closely with NSG to update and develop new products and services.  Some of these will take time to develop and implement, so please be patient and watch for additional announcements in the months ahead.

Fifth, following through on its commitment to reestablish NAUI as the premier agency for quality training the BoD is working to strengthen NAUI leadership standards. The ITC, ITW and CDW standards are being reviewed by the BoD Training Committee and HQ Training Department, recommended revisions will be presented to the BoD for review and approval before the end of 2015. The standards for the Course Director Trainer program will also be finalized and approved this year, and the BoD will host a CDT workshop at DEMA 2015 in Orlando. The development of a Course Director Trainer designation authorizes qualified members to conduct Course Director workshops independent from headquarters.

Sixth, the Public Safety Diver (PSD) and Scientific Diver (SD) advisory panels have been hard at work and will soon be presenting recommendations for course standards to the NAUI BoD.

Seventh, the BoD is committed to improving communication and interaction with the NAUI membership. There has been an increased Director presence and involvement at industry trade shows, which will continue. The BoD is providing the content and participating in the delivery of NAUI Member Updates. Other direct methods of communication are also under consideration.

Eighth, the BoD is taking steps to increase NAUI’s engagement within the dive industry. We have increased NAUI’s membership and participation with DEMA. We also renewed the NAUI/Disney alliance partnership for three more years, and plans are being made to better leverage this relationship for the Association. Discussions with other industry stakeholders and internal strategies are being devised to strengthen NAUI’s presence in the industry.  

Ninth, NAUI will be making an impressive statement at DEMA this year.   NAUI increased its booth space and NAUI’s international service partners have been invited to participate in the NAUI booth. There will be numerous business and training seminars for members. The BoD will host an ITC, ITW, CDW and CDT prior to the show. The NAUI and NSG BoD’s will hold meetings prior to DEMA, and a NAUI Member meeting will be held during the show. And not to be missed, NAUI will host the 2015 Member Reception and Awards Ceremony at the Epcot Living Seas exhibit! You don’t want to miss NAUI at DEMA 2015. Watch your email, Sources and the NAUI website for details.

As you can see, NAUI has already accomplished much this year. We are working with our service partner, NSG, with shared vision and goals for the Association. As a result, NAUI is on track, functioning well, and moving to regain its position as the leader in dive training.

Response from NAUI members and facilities has been overwhelmingly positive. There has never been a more exciting time to be a NAUI member! I wish I had the opportunity to thank each of you personally, but rest assured I truly appreciate your loyalty and support for NAUI. I especially thank the many NAUI members serving on the various BoD committees and panels; your input and efforts are key to all NAUI has achieved this year. There's more to come, so stay tuned!


Dave Ochs, Chairman NAUI Board of Directors

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