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10:00 am – NAUI Member Update presented by Ray Bullion, NAUI Southwest Territory Representative

Come find out what is new with NAUI and what our goals are for 2015, as well as the years to come.  Update will include a review of the proposed bylaw revisions. Members of the NAUI Board will be in attendance.


11:30 am – Reduced Gradient Bubble Model: Teaching No Calculation Dive Tables* presented by Tim O’Leary, NAUI Technical Training Director

During this presentation you will be briefed on the development of the NAUI Recreational RGBM tables, how to use them, and the benefits of using them in your diver training courses. *The first 50 NAUI members to attend will receive a free NAUI RGBM Air Dive Table!


1:00 pm – Great Selling Skills for Business Success presented by Jeffrey Hansler, CSP, NAUI Instructor

Whether you are a retail store owner, dive operator, independent photographer, salesperson, manufacturer, manufacturer’s rep or even a wetsuit model, dive into this program of critical selling skills. Your business success depends on selling skills. And the best news, you will guide the content of this session with your questions about selling. The program is designed around an ocean of interactivity.


2:00 pm – Charting a Different Course: Turning Training into Profits presented by David Ochs, Chairman, NAUI Board of Directors

Would you like to have an exciting career in scuba diving?  Do you want to increase profits and improve customer relations at your dive operation?  Would you like to earn a 6-Figure income as a scuba professional?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then this presentation is for you.  There is excellent career potential in scuba diving.  This seminar will discuss a unique and better business model for success in the scuba industry, so come find out how you can earn a great living doing something you love—scuba diving!


3:00 pm – Customer Service: Rediscover This Lost Treasure presented by David Ochs, Chairman, NAUI Board of Directors

Exceptional customer service is fundamental to success in any business. Because the scuba industry has developed very little in this regard good customer service has become a lost treasure.  This seminar will examine customer service from a unique perspective, help you define what exceptional service means in your business, and provide ideas for how you can elevate your business’ status in the eyes of consumers.  Dive stores, independent instructors, boat owners and dive operations of all kinds, this seminar will help you find the lost treasure of customer service so you can best serve your clients and significantly increase your profits.


4:00 pm – Redefine Your World: Utilizing NAUI Values and Programs to Increase Sales presented by David Ochs, Chairman, NAUI Board of Directors

NAUI scuba professionals enjoy academic freedom and wide array of dive programs.  This combination creates a variety of opportunities for you to offer fun, creative and highly profitable training and diving adventures to your customers.  Come learn how to take advantage of the unique opportunities available to you through NAUI.


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