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Dear NAUI Members,

Your newly appointed Board of Directors for NAUI Services Group, Inc., are excited and pleased to be undertaking the role of providing trusted advice and oversight for the service and support functions of NAUI.  
As a Board, we will be collaborative and supportive of NAUI membership’s desire to create and provide quality services and industry leading materials that enhance and improve our shareholder’s capability for growth, profitability and accessibility.
We will strive to have NAUI members well informed, educated, and effective at all levels of the Association, as well as with the diving community and other strategic alliances and partnerships.  We recognize and understand that NSG services should be designed to increase the net income of NAUI members through economic, social, marketing, communication, and educational opportunities.  In that vane, our guidance will focus on a commitment to ensuring the management of NSG provides NAUI members the best scuba education and training support services in the industry.
Our job is to represent the interest of the NAUI members, who are our only shareholder’s, and protect the assets and credibility of the Association.  We share the same values as your elected NAUI BoD and understand that we have a duty of care, loyalty and candor to you.
We fully recognize and understand that there is much work ahead.  We ask for your patience, understanding and support as we work to establish and define our strategic direction as it pertains to the products, services and support you expect and deserve.
Yours in NAUI,

Derik W. Crotts
Chairman, NAUI Services Group, Inc.
9030 Camden Field Parkway Riverview, FL 33578

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