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*WOW Business Symposium:  4 Steps 4 Success in 2015
(Saturday 2/28 8:00 - 10:00 am, Hyatt Hotel - John Wayne Room)
Presented by Dave Ochs, Patrick Hammer, Annie Crawley, Gary Joyce
Everyone interested in making diving their business and not just a hobby is welcome to attend.  Listen to professionals in the industry discuss the future of diving.
*This seminar is FREE, but requires a ticket. Click here to order. 

Charting a Different Course:  A Better Business Model for Scuba Professionals
(Saturday 2/28 at 1:00 pm and Sunday 3/1 at 10:00 am, Hyatt Hotel - John Wayne Room)
Would you like to have an exciting career in scuba diving?  Do you want to increase profits and improve customer relations at your dive operation?  Would you like to earn a 6-Figure income as a scuba professional?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then this presentation is for you.  There is excellent career potential in scuba diving.  This seminar will discuss a unique and better business model for success in the scuba industry, so come find out how you can earn a great living doing something you love—scuba diving!

Finding the Lost Treasure of Customer Service
(Saturday 2/28 at 2:00 pm, Hyatt Hotel - John Wayne Room)
Exceptional customer service is fundamental to success in any business.  Because the scuba industry has developed very little in this regard good customer service has become a lost treasure.  This seminar will examine customer service from a unique perspective, help you define what exceptional service means in your business, and provide ideas for how you can elevate your business’ status in the eyes of consumers.  Dive stores, independent instructors, boat owners and dive operations of all kinds, this seminar will help you find the lost treasure of customer service so you can best serve your clients and significantly increase your profits.

Down Wind Run to Success:  Effective Selling for Scuba Professionals
(Sunday 3/1 at 11:00 am, Hyatt Hotel - John Wayne Room)
You have a great location, quality products and offer access to the awesome adventure of scuba diving!  So, why are so few people buying?  The answer is simple:  you are not selling.  Sadly, the scuba industry is lacking professionals who effectively sell, and without effective selling business success will be lacking as well.  This seminar highlights the critical value of selling and provides simple, straightforward techniques for improving your sales skills and training your staff to do the same.  You will be amazed at how profits rise and business success increases when you put into practice the principles of this seminar.

Dave Ochs is an avid scuba diver and owner of Aqua Safari Adventures in West Palm Beach Florida a scuba training, guiding and charter company specializing in top quality, concierge style service.  Dave is Chairman of the NAUI Board of Directors, and is an active NAUI Instructor and Course Director.  He has been a career scuba professional for over 22 years.  Dave holds a degree in Business Administration with Psychology from the University of Kansas.  Dave is a regular presenter at Dive shows around the US.  His enthusiasm for scuba diving and for earning a great living as a scuba professional are quite evident in his presentation content and style.  Whether you are a long time dive business owner or newly considering a career in the scuba industry, you will discover much value in Dave’s seminars and have a great time in the process.    



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