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NAUI Update - January 2015

As we approach the end of the first month of 2015, we are pleased to provide an update to our members regarding the state of our Association. It has been a busy month with sales of NAUI materials exceeding projections and we’re seeing activity continue at a brisk pace.

Last week your NAUI Board of Directors met at headquarters for its annual face-to-face meeting. During the meeting the board elected officers for 2015 and took important steps to continue the reorganization of NAUI Services Group (NSG).  Paramount to this effort was the appointment of four directors to the NSG Board of Directors.  Appointments to the NSG Board of Directors include Derik Crotts as NSG Chairman, Courtney Gibson, Keith Wrisley and Simon Yu. The new NSG directors all bring a wealth of board and corporate experience that well qualifies them for their new responsibilities and we are indeed fortunate to gain the benefit of their service. The new NSG Board will work closely with the NAUI Board of Directors to continue the search for a new chief executive at headquarters and members can look forward to future updates as that search progresses.

Additionally, during last week's meeting of the NAUI Board of Directors, the board took the following actions:

·         Accepted and approved committee recommendations for revision of the NAUI Bylaws. Review of our current bylaws began early in 2014 and following a legal review the board has approved placing the revision on the ballot in the 2015 election. The revised bylaws must be ratified by the membership. Before the vote this fall, members will be given numerous opportunities to become knowledgeable of the proposed changes, including articles in future editions of Sources and presentations at upcoming member updates at major industry events.

·         Elected officers for 2015: David Ochs, Chairman; Dallas Edmiston, Vice-Chairman; Tom Hemphill, Secretary; and Rick Lorimor, Treasurer.

·         Assigned committee chairs for 2015 as follows:  Rick Lorimor, Finance; Tom Hemphill, Election; Dallas Edmiston, Bylaws & Board Procedures and Membership; Lonny Sharp, Training; Chris Richardson, Awards; Michael Feld, Planning and Special Projects.

·         Reviewed and re-affirmed a strategic plan for focused commitment to the NAUI core values for quality in all NAUI training and NAUI products.

·         Discussed the current difficulty Canadian members are experiencing obtaining professional liability insurance coverage. HQ is diligently working on this situation and additional information will be sent to Canadian members in the very near future.

·         Approved changes to the NAUI Election SOP to allow non-compensated NAUI representatives in international markets run as candidates for the NAUI BoD

·         Laid groundwork for review and improvement of rec and tech standards and polices as well as for feasibility of development of PSD and scientific diver programs.

·         Confirmed board meeting dates for 2015 including the Annual General Membership meeting to be held in Orlando this fall during the DEMA trade show with the exact date and details to be announced in a future communication.

This is a great time to be NAUI. You can expect 2015 to be a year full of new initiatives and new accomplishments!  We will be present at upcoming major dive events around the US and throughout the world. You will be kept updated via regular and consistent communication with the Membership.  On behalf of the NAUI Board of Directors, the NSG Board of Directors and the entire staff of NAUI, it is our honor to be of service to you and we look forward to seeing you soon at one of the scheduled NAUI Member Update meetings and other diving events around the world.

David Ochs, Chairman                       Derik Crotts, Chairman
NAUI Board of Directors                   NSG Board of Directors

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