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Announcing Interim Position
Dallas Edmiston appointed as Trustee and Temporary Acting General Manager

With the recent retirement of Jim Bram and Jed Livingstone from NAUI Services Group (NSG), focus has shifted to addressing both short and long term leadership needs at NAUI headquarters.   Effective immediately, Dallas Edmiston, NAUI 4099, is appointed as Trustee and Temporary Acting General Manager at NSG Headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Dallas has been a NAUI member since 1974, is an active Course Director, and currently a member of the NAUI Board of Directors. Additionally, Randy Shaw, Manager, NAUI Training Department, and Kathy Brownlow, Manager, NAUI Operations, are continuing in their respective duties at NAUI.  Their efforts, and those of the NSG staff, will ensure our membership experiences no interruption of day-to-day operations and support.  Services will continue as usual at NAUI headquarters and its international service centers to meet the needs of all NAUI business partners and members.  As we undertake the process for recruitment and selection of a new management team, we are excited about the future of our Association and look forward with optimism to the new opportunities ahead.


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